*Cancelled* Be a Better Self-Coached Athlete

This event has been cancelled.

Join us at Pace Setter on December 15th from 6:30-8pm for a clinic on how to be a better self coached athlete. 4203 SE Woodstock Blvd. Portland Oregon 97202

Coach Jeff has been training runners and triathletes since 1996. His effort based approach, focuses on HR training, and has produced significant results in his athletes for 19 years. Last year alone Prs Fit Athletes achieved a 92% PR rate in over 400 races globally. From 5k to 100 miler, sprint tri to Kona, Prs Fit Athletes have had an unsurpassed success rate.

The Coach is a Lydiard Level II Certified Coach, an Ironman University Certified Coach, a Newton Certified Running Coach and Certified Personal Trainer.. He has conducted training and running form clinics nationally. And his book, “Be a Better Self Trained Athlete” will be released in January.

So come and in join us for an evening that will send you home with a suitcase full of knowledge on how to train better, stay healthy, and achieve your Personal Best in 2017.


Episode 31. Coach Jeff and RunRunLive’s Chris Russell

Description: Coach Jeff and Chris Russell from http://www.runrunlive.com sit down after the Portland marathon to chat about marathon training and running stuff in general.

Coach Jeff and RunRunLive’s Chris Russel sat down after the Portland Marathon and chat about run training, nutrition planning and other stuff. Listen now on ITUNESsa-and-me